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Life Force Energy (Biofield Energy) Treatments for Transformation

Divine Grace Healing Transmissions



Receive help with most any area of your life including physical health, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships, financial, and career issues.


  • These proprietary master level customized energetic healing transmissions are sent to you every nano-second, 24/7. They are of a very high resonance, so you will not feel the energies or see them. 
  • You are scanned energetically by Source every nano-second and healing energy is immediately sent. It is adjusted as needed if new issues that are related pop up.  This scanning & healing every nano-second continues 24/7 until your prescribed timeframe is complete.
  • Grace energies also assist you in taking better care of yourself and making better decisions in ways that resonate with you.
  • Grace is gentle enough for very sensitive people and powerful enough to grow bone! (see x-rays below).
  • Grace has a built-in buffer, so it will not over-process you regardless of what other healing work you are doing.
  • Each packet of these custom proprietary Grace healing transmissions are set to work with your system gently for whatever period you purchase.
  • Grace healing can be used by everyone regardless of your religious beliefs or if you believe in energy healing.

Some examples of what "Grace Healing" can assist you with:

  • Transforming old beliefs and installing new beliefs.
  • Transmuting stuck emotions, blocks and old patterns.
  • Opening up your life force.
  • Healing and strengthening your etheric field.
  • Healing your chakras in divine order.
  • Growing bone and strengthening muscles.
  • Transmuting and/or eliminating toxins and toxic matter including bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast, metals, cancerous cells, mold, parasites and more.
  • Healing sensitivities, allergies and intolerances to foods, chemicals, EMF, most environmental toxins and airborne allergens and toxins.
  • Delivering 222 essential nutrients as needed (including protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and more).
  • Delivering equivalent of most homeopathic remedies, flower essences, herbs.
  • Lifting above and transmuting energetic patterns that contribute to specific symptoms.
  • Healing on mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and soul levels and in all times in space.
  • Removing toxins in a way that is safe for you.
  • Healing genetic issues, DNA, ancestral lines and attachments.
  • Activating 24 strands of DNA.
  • Divinely leading you to information, people and whatever else is needed for your health and well-being.
  • Healing your organs and systems in divine order.
  • Transmuting curses, spells, vows, obligations, karma, karmic ties, karmic debt, negative energies.
  • Raising your frequency.
  • Aligning you with the frequency of spontaneous manifestation.
  • Healing traumas.
  • Harmonizing your home.
  • Harmonizing your work environment.
  • Preventing surgery when caught soon enough.
  • Healing integrity of etheric field over time such that nothing negative such as curses or any outside interference can enter from outside your field.
  • Re-patterning your energetic blueprint.
  • Restoring the health of your cells.
  • Healing dehydration issues.
  • Healing and removing attachments.
  • Balancing hormones.
  • Financial issues, relationship issues, productivity and career challenges, health challenges.


Divine Grace Healing Transmissions:  Choose whatever area(s) you want Grace to work on.  Source will scan your field and determine the divine order for healing.  Grace has a built-in buffer, so it will not over-process you regardless of what other healing work you are doing.  Grace will be sent to you 24/7.  It is of a very high resonance and you won’t feel or see the energies.  

Each packet of Grace healing transmissions are set to work with your system gently for 4 weeks.  

Please note: Most issues will take more than 1 packet of transmissions especially if they are chronic, deep, etc.  Do not expect this to be a be all, fix all, but intend to see improvement in a way that is in your highest and best.  


Advanced Master-Level Grace Healing

Energy scans and heals every nano-second, 24/7

Gentle and yet powerful

Won't over process

Can be used by everyone

Can compliment other healing modalities

Heal mental, emotional, physical & spiritual issues

Grow bone

Transform beliefs and patterns

Heal etheric field and chakras

Transmute toxins

Heal sensitivities

Heal systems in divine order

Raise your frequency

Heal traumas

Balance hormones

and more

Here’s What Other People Said After Receiving Grace Healing:

“I started having pain in my left side that was getting more and more uncomfortable. I purchased Grace for this. The next morning my pain was gone and over the last several weeks, has not returned.

Thanks so much.”

–Lori Thayer

“I am no longer depressed, my anxiety is pretty much gone. When I started working with you I was fatigued and now my energy level is an 8 on a scale of 1-10.

–Izza L.

“A large mass in my abdominal area is being dissolved by this process and I can feel the healing happening almost every day as my body heals from the inside out. I have also noticed that the grey spot blocking the center vision in my left eye is dissolving and my vision is returning.

~Rosann Effron

“Thanks so much for your help. As a result I was able to get off my thyroid medication and did not have to have thyroid surgery. I am eternally grateful as this problem runs in my family and you helped me change this pattern.

Blessings,”  –Jennifer

“Your distance healing work has moved my energy in a more palpable way that any other healer I’ve worked with!

Thanks so much.  Mary Tuma

“No matter how gifted the therapist is that you may have worked with before, they are still human and may have had a fight with a spouse or kids or lost their mother recently or is worried about a friend or has a notion about what your body needs based only on what they know at that time. This work is done by G-d and is totally divine without any human interference. This program is working miracles for me.


“I have noticed two things since receiving 2 weeks of Grace healing energies. I had asked for help with my arthritic hip and knee which I know will take a bit longer; however I have found it to be improved already. I also asked for help with my weight and I am losing inches which I am also happy with.

Thank you so much for offering this service.

Blessings,”  –Deborah Wiseman

“I am much more at peace. I now have the confidence to begin a small business AND during a “money issue” my husband noticed a difference! He said how proud he was that I “didn’t freak out” where normally I would have been VERY nervous about the outcome. I just felt an inner peace that it would all work out and it did.”

–Sharon C.

“My son has been exposed to asbestos and toxic chemicals for many years and he has a dog so I was sure that he had parasites too. He says he does not “really believe in all this healing stuff,” but agreed to try Grace Healing for raw, itchy and painful spots on his scalp. He has been receiving Grace Healing now for 4 months. The raw spots on his scalp healed very quickly. 

I have also noticed a change in his energy in that he has a peace, patience and sweetness about him that has allowed us to spend more time together even if just on the phone. This has been such a blessing for me.”

–R. E.

“I have a dog named Mikey who had a nodule on his spleen. Mikey had been getting daily healing from me for many years for other physical/emotional issues with positive results, however the nodule on his spleen had not changed in size.

Since receiving Grace Healing, the nodule is gone and Mikey does not have to have any surgery. His behavior has also improved and I plan to take advanced Grace training with Stacey.

Love and Light,  Moe and Mikey

“Thanks for the difference you made with me. I got my life back. Am living life more fully now than I have in a very long time and didn’t have to have surgery on my foot.”

–Lorraine O’Brien

NOTE: Here are the changes that were documented from Stacey’s work with Lorraine O’Brien over time:

Heart went from operating at 28% to 92%  Thyroid went from operating at 41% to 92%  Lymphatic system went from operating at 51% to 89%

Another Grace Healing Testimonial


“Thanks so much for facilitating the healing of my bone with your beautiful healing work. We wanted to avoid another surgery and thanks to you, we have. My wife and I are amazed at the substantial bone growth in my leg!

Blessings,”  –R. Johnson



BEFORE: Note the gap in bone in the femur. (Leg is pinned together): 11-17-14



IN PROGRESS: Significant bone growth in femur as a result of Grace Healing Energies: 1/29/15

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