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Lorraine Marie Hachfeld @ Directional Keys Inc., Biofield Energy Healer

Certified Spiritual Healer with Scientific Validation as a Biofield Energy Healer

     I was born a natural, life force energy healer, and for over 30 years of assisting with healing, I have always been drawn to do remote energy healing in order to assist people with stepping out of the box of perceived limitations and be able to receive more transformation.  I have such a strong drive to research humans’ capacity for transformation that for more than 30 years I have been trained and travelled extensively to research many modalities for personal development, and alternative medicines including energy healing, spiritual healing, shamanic healing, and psychic healing.  

     In 2015, I became involved in scientifically validating that remote, Biofield energy treatments could transform living and non-living material from across the world.  Inspired by the results, I went even further into scientifically validating remote energy treatments again in 2017.  With such great success, all of the peer-reviewed, internationally published, scientific research papers validated that transformation happened without a placebo effect, even when transmitted remotely across the world.

     The research demonstrated that I have the ability to harness and remotely transmit the phenomena called Biofield Energy (intelligent life force or consciousness energy) to create the transformation of living organisms and non-living material, remotely to anywhere in the world. This research has been published in several international, peer-reviewed science journals.

     Now, with this unique scientific-validation, I offer this intelligent Biofield Energy Healing Treatment (Intelligent Life Force Energy / Consciousness Energy Healing) to people and animals so that they may reap the healing benefits in their lives' according to each recipient’s unique requirements.


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Does the Biofield Energy Healing Treatment (Consciousness Energy Healing) alternative medicine work when it is not in person?  

Yes, that is what the scientific research validates.

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Life Force Biofield Energy Treatments

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