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Life Force Energy (Biofield Energy) Treatments for Transformation

Life Force Energy (Biofield Energy) Treatments for Transformation

Life Force Energy (Biofield Energy) Treatments for Transformation Life Force Energy (Biofield Energy) Treatments for Transformation

About Lorraine Hachfeld

Lorraine Hachfeld @ Directional Keys Inc., Biofield Energy Healer

Scientifically-Validated & Published Biofield / Consciousness Energy Healer, Founder of “The Divine Principal Essence,” Certified Advanced Master-Level Grace Healer and other modalities.

     Lorraine completed her Advanced Computer Programming & Systems Analysis diploma in Sept 1978 at Herzing Institutes and worked for internationally recognized corporations as an in-house Computer Programmer & Systems Analyst.  Her analytical abilities carried over into her interest and research of energetic healing modalities.

     She was born a natural, gifted energy healer.  Lorraine has travelled extensively for more than 30 years and continues to research the field of energetic healing.  She has achieved Advanced, Master-Level Certifications in a wide range of modalities for personal development, and energy medicines including energy healing, spiritual healing, shamanic healing, and psychic healing. 

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Evolving as an Energy Healer

     Lorraine was always, and still is, fascinated with the profound transformations that happened even when transmissions were done remotely from any distance. The intriguing power of the intelligence of the energy and it‘s intelligence when transmitted remotely to a known or unknown location is limitless.  Lorraine has strived to educate her clients on letting go of the self-limiting beliefs of healing or transformation only happening if touch or close proximity were involved.  

     In March 2010, Lorraine focused inward to heal remotely with an outcome of even deeper transformation without ritual, dogma, story or sideshow, and could be expressed from the Divine. She found the missing piece to her puzzle when she experienced a particular remote, biofield energy healing treatment.

     In 2014, Lorraine experienced a Divine connection and received what is now called ‘The Divine Principal Essence.‘  At first she thought the frequencies were for her own transformation, but eventually knew that she was to transmit and share these activations with others that are called by their own divinity within to transform and evolve with these frequencies.

     She could see the value of having the ability to harness and transmit the innate intelligence, 'Life Force', of the Universe to living organisms and non-living materials anywhere in the world for the benefit of the recipient’s unique requirements and transformation.  She strived to help others fully realize that everything is energy including ourselves and therefore nothing separates us from the Intelligent Source of Life that is everywhere and in everything.  The intelligence of the energy knows where to go,  what requires healing, and the best sequence of priorities for the highest and best outcome.

      On September 3rd, 2015, Lorraine Hachfeld’s ability to harness and transmit the inherent, intelligent universal energy, 'Life Force' was scientifically tested, measured, and documented via a prominent, science lab in India.  The research demonstrated that Lorraine has the ability to harness and transmit the phenomena referred to as Biofield Energy (Life Force). This research resulted in 11 Scientific Research Papers, peer-reviewed, validated, and published in international, peer-reviewed science journals such as the International Journal of Immunology, American Journal of Bioscience, American Journal of Biomedical and Life Sciences, International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, European Journal of Biophysics, to name a few.

     Then in 2017, she chose to participate in a new scientific research investigation pertaining to Vitamin D3 to further validate the power and the ‘Life Force’ intelligence of her unique, remote healing abilities to transform living and non-living materials by transmitting remote, energy healing across the world from Canada to an undisclosed location in India.  Widespread Vitamin D3 deficiency in the population today was the catalyst for this research.  So, in May of 2017, Lorraine Marie Hachfeld transmitted her unique, Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment (also known as Biofield Energy Treatment) to the other side of the world.  The results of her single, remote transmission produced results of 400% increase in Alkaline phosphate enzyme (ALP), significant 180% increase in Collagen, 385% increase in bone mineralization, significantly improved cell viability of more than 79%.  With such impressive, successful results, (scientifically tested, measured, documented, and validated), her 12th scientific research paper was published by Crimson Publishers, of New York, in the “Orthopedic Research Online Journal” on July 17th, 2018.

    These unique and authentic Scientifc Research efforts validate that remote, Biofield Energy Treatments do in fact have an effect on living organisms and non-living materials even when it is transmitted remotely across the world to an unknown destination, and demonstrated that there was no placebo effect involved.  The intelligence of the energy, 'Life Force', knows exactly where to go and what to do for optimum healing and transformation.  Non-scientific experiments reveal that cumulative benefits and transformations happen with each additional Biofield Energy Treatment.


Now what?

     Now, Lorraine has become one of very few Scientifically-Validated, ‘Life Force’ Biofield Energy, Spiritual Healers in the world, and she is thrilled to offer this intelligent Biofield Energy Treatment (Intelligent Life Force Energies) to her clients, their children, and pets so that they may reap the healing benefits in their lives' according to each recipient’s unique requirements.

     The same type of energy transmission (Biofield Energy Transmission) is now being offered for energy healing and transformation.  Since this energy works on living organisms and non-living material, it works very well with humans, animals, plants, and even supplements with no toxicity and no conflicts with other treatments.

     Even with such profound, gifted abilities, and a high-level connection to Source, Lorraine continues to research what else is possible.  Although she has been Certified in too many modalities to list, including an Advanced Master-Level Healer and Medical Intuitive, her most recent research has brought about an additional energetic healing modality that heals current issues and concerns, as well as older issues that have been passed down in the DNA, in a different manner.  This modality is very unique and has only been available at it’s current advanced level of scanning and healing (24/7) since 2018.  This modality is designed to transform and heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues/pain only for living material such as humans and animals; it works on new issues, and more persistent issues over time.  This modality is called “Grace Healing,” and it is very powerful, yet gentle, supports other modalities, and does not conflict with any other modality.

     Lorraine has achieved Advanced Master-Level Grace Healer Certification, as well as Master-Level Certification in many other options using Grace Healing.  Now, these powerful healing options using Grace Healing is available for both people and animals as well.  Some options are available for healing 24/7 for defined timeframes, and others are available to run 24/7 for more specific issues the rest of your lifetime after just one transmission.

     Lorraine is very pleased with the options for transformation and healing that she offers to date via Life Force, Biofield Energy, Consciousness Energy, Divine, Source, Universal Energy, Grace, or the God of your understanding as you know it to be.  That said, she is still fascinated by the power and intelligence of the Intelligent Energy, and continues to research what else she can create within the alternative medicine field for her client’s transformation, health, happiness, and improvement in quality of life.

And now she asks, "What else is possible for you?"


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