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Energetic Eye Healing


Imagine healing your eyes naturally without surgery with a more powerful program than Grace alone.  The energies are focused on everything to do with your eyes healing, and if you have prescriptions, they are transformed to keep up with your vision changes as they go through the healing process every nano-second, on a 24/7  basis.


  • These master-level, customized energetic healing transmissions are sent to you every nano-second, 24/7. They are of a very high resonance, so you will not feel the energies or see them. 
  • You are scanned energetically by Source every nano-second and healing energy is immediately sent. It is adjusted as needed if new issues that are related pop up.  This scanning & healing every nano-second continues 24/7 to heal your eye symptoms, diseases, vision challenges, eye disorders, and anything related to or contributing to your eye health until your prescribed timeframe is complete.
  • Your eyes and entire system are scanned 24/7 by God/Source and appropriate healing is sent.  You are scanned for the same things your eye doctor tests for, plus all issues contributing to eye symptoms, disorders, disease.
  • Energetic supplements for your eye health are provided daily via distance healing.  You are scanned each day by God/Source to determine what is appropriate for you and your system at that time.  It will not conflict with anything else you are taking.
  • Eye healing energies also assist you in taking better care of yourself and making better decisions in ways that resonate with you.
  • The energy is gentle enough for very sensitive people and still very powerful.
  • The energy has a built-in buffer, so it will not over-process you regardless of what other healing work you are doing.
  • These custom healing transmissions are set to work with your system gently for whatever period you purchase.  This is done throughout your life because new issues that can affect your eyes pop up over time.
  • Eye healing can be used by everyone regardless of your religious beliefs, age, or if you believe in energy healing.
  • The cosmetic eye healing program will heal on all levels for all parts of you.  Energetic nutrition and supplements will also be sent to you daily for this via distance healing for the purchased timeframe.

These energetic vision processes are pain free and are done for you in your home, usually while you are resting or sleeping. These processes are done by God in a way that is in your highest and best.  Source will scan your field and determine the divine order for healing.  The Eye Healing program has a built-in buffer, so it will not over-process you regardless of what other healing work you are doing.  Healing will be sent to you 24/7.  It is of a very high resonance and you won’t feel or see the energies. This energetic program is completely safe and appropriate for people of all ages and animals also.

This program is intended to help you with vision issues throughout this lifetime.

  • The initial energetic scan that is done when you sign up determines the cause of your vision problems as well as what processes and energetic supplements and nutrients are right for you at the time. The scan is intended to find 100% of your current vision issues and set healing in place for them.  New energetic scans are done every nano-second, 24/7 throughout this lifetime. This program will continue for your entire life unless you request it be stopped at some point. The healing and scans are done by God via these healing processes.

Are you experiencing...

  • Dry Eyes
  • Cataracts
  • Blurred Vision
  • Floaters
  • Double / Triple Vision
  • Astigmatism
  • Near-sightedness
  • Far-sightedness
  • Middle-Sightedness
  • Challenges with Blinking
  • Trouble Opening Your Eyes
  • Trouble Closing Your Eyes
  • Red Eyes
  • Watery Eyes
  • Lazy Eyes
  • Color Blindness
  • Crossed Eyes
  • or any other issue

  • Any Eye Disease
  • Any Eye Disorder


  • Small or deep Wrinkles around your eyes, including laugh lines, crow's feet
  • Dark circles and/or bags under your eyes that come and go
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Hollows under your eyes
  • Thin skin under your eyes
  • Loss of eyelashes
  • Skin discoloration around your eyes
  • Or any other cosmetic issues around your eye(s)


Please note: Most vision issues will take time to heal, especially if they are chronic, deep, etc.  Do not expect this to be a be all, fix all, but intend to see improvement in a way that is in your highest and best.  


Many factors contribute to poor Eye health & Vision problems

  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Genetic
  • Past Life
  • Envirionmental


Please note: Chronic or longer term issues take time to heal. Most vision issues will take time to heal, especially if they are chronic, deep, etc.  Do not expect this to be a be all, fix all, but intend to see improvement in a way that is in your highest and best.  


Some Benefits of this Lifetime Energetic Eye Healing Program

  • Reverse eye disease
  • Reverse poor eye health
  • Restore 20/20 vision (even if you are blind)
  • Reverse damage around your eyes and restore a youthful appearance in this area
  • Heal the deep cause(s) of the problem(s) throughout the system
  • Heal faster and more effectively than any other energetic healing known today

Please note: Chronic or longer-term issues take time to heal.


Here’s What People Are Saying About Eye Healing:


My Prescription Has Been Energetically Upgraded to the Prescription I Need to See Well

I just wanted to say how much I am loving this program. I upgraded to pkg C and after the first call I noticed I was seeing better with my current glasses. I work in an Optometrist office and I thought to analyze my two pairs of glasses I had at work.

I found that my prescription has been energetically upgraded to the prescription I need as a result of being in the program, so I can see perfectly now as I allow the healing to continue and integrate. I am so thrilled and blown away at the speed at which this happened.

This is absolutely amazing, and I am looking forward to watching my prescription change in my glasses as I move forward.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Infinite Blessings in Love and Light!

~ Anna D.


I No Longer Need To Wear Glasses to Read!

My close up vision is better. I am 58 years old and no longer need to wear glasses to read. YAY!! Thank you.

~ Larry M.


Astigmatism Improved – Can Read the Type on My Computer Without Glasses

My astigmatism has improved after only 2 weeks of healing so far. I can see things at a middle range distance more clearly without glasses. I can read type on my computer without glasses.

~ Melanie T.


My Eyesight Improved!

I had my eye doc appt today (prescheduled every six months) and my eye sight improved. The prescription is less than it’s been.

Thank you.

~ Mia 


My Eyes Seem to Sparkle Now!

I can tell my eyes are healthier because they are shiny and seem to sparkle. They haven’t looked this way in a long, time. Thanks.

~ Jennie L.


My Macula Has Healed 100%!

Thank you for healing my macular degeneration. My doctor now says I do not need surgery.

~ Larry K.


My Cataracts Are Gone!

Thanks for all your help! My cataracts are completely gone and my vision is much clearer.

~ Jack P.

My Daughter is Reading More!

Daughter is wearing her glasses now.  I can read pill bottles now.

Together, we can both read better.

~ Denise P.

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